Drum Filters, "Store Pick-up only"

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    Available in-store only / Upgraded!

    • 55 gallon drum (blue or black) with lid
    • Upgraded blue filter mat
    • 13" deep filter media
    • 1 ½” bulkhead inlet or 2" bulkhead inlet
    • 2” bulkhead outlet or 3" bulkhead outlet
    • 1 ½” knife gate valve for drainage

    Tip: We recommend 1 Drum Filter for every 500-1,000 gallons depending on fish stock level. Open gate valve for 10-15 seconds each day for removing sludge. Rinse filter media with pond water at least once a month. We're using this drum filters for our small ponds successfully. The Drum Filter 1.5" Inlet x 2" outlet with a 990 GPH @ 4' Pump (No Over-flowing) and the Drum Filter 2" inlet x 3" outlet with a 1,800 GPH @ 4' Pump (No Over-flowing). We recommend testing it first for over-flowing with your water pump before permanent installation.

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